Why Factor?

Why Factor


Improve Cash Flow
For most of our customers cash is king. You can’t always wait 30 to 90 days for your customers to pay. Immediate cash payment allows you to:​
    • Take on additional business
    • Keep current with payroll and supplier obligations
    • Increase marketing and business development efforts​

Improve Credit Risk Management
Our cutting edge credit screening process enables you to only work with brokers and shippers who are likely to pay. You can rest easy knowing we’ve done the homework for you.

Decrease Administrative Burden
When you factor with us, we perform the administrative work that keeps you from money making activities. We do the front-end credit checks and back-end collections for you while you can get on with business.

Improve Record Keeping
Our process and systems provide you with improved record keeping and easy access to the information you need to effectively manage your business. Accurate information, all in one place means you have the information you need when you need it.

Why Partner with us

Every company is unique, and your factoring needs reflect this. Experienced staff work with clients as partners to improve their bottom line and ongoing success. We provide:

   • Competitive rates

   • Superior service personalized to you​

   • Experienced staff
   • Advanced systems and reporting
   • Leading edge credit management

When you succeed we succeed, and we pledge to always support you in achieving your business objectives. You can rest easy knowing we have your back!​​​​​​​